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Sampling Location Name
Sampling Latitude from to (-90° to 90°, ddd°mm′ss.nn″ or ddd.nnnnnn)
Sampling Longitude from to (-180° to 540°, ddd°mm′ss.nn″ or ddd.nnnnnn)
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Wild or Domestic
Tissue Type
External organLiverMuscleBloodRespiratory organ
Adipose tissueDigestive organDigestive organ contents, ExcrementHeartKidney
Sex organGlandOtherMilkBrain
Urinary organSkinWhole bodyBoneEgg, Embryo, Fetus
4 organisms matched
 TaxonSpeciesUnivCodeSample NumberSampling RegionSampling CountrySampling Location Latitude LongitudeSampling DateWild DomesticSexAgeGrowth StageBody LengthCarapace LengthBody WeightRemarksTissuePublication
Bird Black-faced Bunting EB09704 20171109 Asia Japan Sugesawa-machi, Matsuyama, Ehime 2017/11/28 Wild Female 20 g from Mrs. Tomoko Saito Tissue
Bird Black-faced Bunting EB07841 20130327 Asia Japan Nakaoku, Saijo, Ehime 33°50′20.6″N 133°9′0.5″E 2013/03/27 Wild Male Adult 19.5 g from Mr. Takahito Yamamoto, Saijo Nature School Tissue
Bird Black-faced Bunting EB06319 AS4145 Asia Japan Nemuro, Hokkaido 43°4′25″N 145°25′47″E - 43°26′46″N 145°56′5″E 2004/04/30 Male Adult from Rakunou Gakuen University Tissue
Bird Black-faced Bunting EB00027 96-A040 Europe Russian Federation Selenga 49°55′16.92″N 106°2′41.18″E - 51°38′57.08″N 108°8′10.67″E 1996/09/06 Tissue
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