es-BANK Publications Search
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The Usage of es-BANK Publications Search

es-BANK Publications Search can do a norrowing search by the condition input for publication written by using the sample of various creatures keeping in es-BANK. I can do the search that accepted a purpose by es-BANK Publications Search which accepted arbitrary item out of the item is described below.

■The Method of Search

All items are displayed when the initial display.
Refine Search is performed by pressing "Search" button after select or input a search item.

■The Description of each item
(A)Published Year - (B)Author Name - (C)Publication Title - (D)Journal - (E)Keyword - (F)Search button
es-BANK Publication Search

(A) Published Year
You can specify Published Year. Please select published year of object in the list.

(B) Author Name
You can specify the author of publication.

(C) Publication Title
You can specify the title of publication.

(D) Journal
You can specify Journal name. Please select Journal name of object in the list.

(E) Keyword
You can specify the keyword written in publication.

(F) Search Button
According to the specified search criteria to find a publication. After a search, the screen displays the information about "publication".

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